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BRAINOTION'S Founders are Passionate About Kid's Mental Health Disorders, Data Analysis And Education


Tony's two sons had mental health disorders, his son Ed today is diagnosed with Schizophrenia and had early signs of ADHD and Autism.  Tony's first son James passed from a brain disorder, feeling helpless and frustrated and the desire to minimize other parents and their children going through the same tragedy, Tony Founded Brainotion to design the Edubot Platform and the BuddyBot Robot. 

Cathy's brothers both were on the Spectrum. Cathy ran KP.org for industry leader Kaiser Permanente for over 5 years.  Cathy's father Ed  Schwallie  helped pioneer autism research as Co-founder of  Organization Research Autism and Autism Speaks Chicago. 

Dr. Rinehart has been developing healthcare data systems and working as Physician for UCI Health.  Dr. Sunny Singh, PhD helped develop cancer detecting for UCLA Health.  Neil Sahota is working with United Nations and UCI as Lecturer and Teacher.   Pradeesh Thomas grew Alta Vista Special Education to now serve over 10,000 students and 200 clinics. 


The art of teaching is developing into the art of teaching children to teach themselves. 

Helena Wallengerg and Michael Bogolea

Experienced Team With Over 100 Years Of Business, AI/Robotics, Technology And Healthcare Experience


 Tony has developed voice and data apps for large carriers such ATT and Verizon and Sprint with usage of over 100,000,000 users with 99.999 up time and  highly advanced security.   In the 90's Tony won a multi-million dollar contract to design and develop a large scale 2000 input/output digital automation robotics system for Panasonic. 

Cathy as former Chief of Staff IT for Kaiser Permanente,  ran KP.org site including overseeing HIPAA security.  Cathy sits on the board of directors of Organization Research Autism.  Dr. Joe Reinhart is Vice Chair of Research for UCI and Physician at UCI Health.

 Our team includes successful executive management from Google Health, Qualcomm, Microsoft, Intel, Beckman Medical, Scripps Health Technology and UCI, UCLA and Berkeley.  

All we are is our ideas or people. That’s what keeps us going to work in the morning, to hang around these great bright people. I’ve always thought that recruiting is the heart and soul of what we do.  

Steve Jobs, Founder, Apple 

Developing Advanced World-changing Robot and Robot Software Platform With SDK For Partners Development


Fully developed facial structure integrated into 43 facial muscles and 14 bones and an emotional intelligence AR engine.  A highly interactive and motivational companion that engages and interacts with a child. Provides early therapy for a variety of spectrum and other developmental issues.  

Can be used to assess the developmental rate of learning of a child, especially the trigger alerts and will provide future kids and parents  much needed information.  A Platform with SDK for our partners to integrate their applications with robot. 

Key Benefits "Ed" Robot & Edubot Software

1 - Delivers “Peace of Mind“ For Parents - Trusted Companion For Kids  With Health Wristband (EKG, Pulse, Activity Tracker)

2- Provides “Positive Educational Feedback Loop“ For Parents and Teachers/Therapists

3- Increases child developmental process using interactive training and instruction.  

Learning is more effective when it is fun!

Peter Kline, The Everyday Genius

brainotion Team

Tony Meador, President, Founder



Grew 2 companies to over $10M Sales * Design Engineer / Marketer - Cartoonist / 

Launched products successfully nationwide in big box retailers - Setup nationwide sales team and distribution to over 10,000 stores.

Tony developed and marketed the NO.1 Itunes app, Facebook was No. 2 at the time., Apple Monthly Staff Pick Award. Worked with CEOs from ATT, RadioShack and Dell on projects that included Robotics, Automation, Voice Response, Text-to-speech and large user base applications servicing over 100M users and 100's of millions of clicks.

Tony holds numerous patents and developed apps for General Motors, Starbucks Corporate,  Verizon, Sprint and other companies that server 100's of millions of users.  

Cathy Farmer, Investor / Co-founder


 Former Chief of Staff IT - Kaiser Permanente for 15 Years, ran KP.org Entire HIPAA Compliant Medical System / Platform - 5 Years), Board of Directors: Organization For Autism Research, Lecturer at UC Berkeley & Dominican University, Advisor To Startups (Education, Health IT, …), Technologist  

Cathy  is also a volunteer/mentor and judge for Big Ideas and LAUNCH, both part of University of California, Berkeley with her focus on HealthIT. Cathy is part of a group of Tech professionals of family members with autism/Asperger’s, connecting on ideas and opportunities for Tech improvements for their loved ones.

Dr. Joe Reinhart, Investor / Co-founder


 Associate Professor & Vice Chair for Research UC Irvine Health, Department Of Anesthesiology & Perioperative Care - Successful Exit Of Medical Device / Software Company (Sironis Medical Device) , Founder Of Sironis Intelligent Medical Software – Former Chief Resident For Loyola University Medical Center 

 Joe Rinehart’s path to UCI as a physician, researcher, entrepreneur and mentor dates back to his early days in high school, where an influential biology teacher and his father’s IBM 286 computer served as catalysts for two of his core passions–science and software. Throughout college and into medical school where Rinehart chose anesthesiology as his specialty, he was always learning software and programming concurrently. 

Neil Sahota, MBA, Investor / Co-founder


 Member of United Nations AI Expert, IBM Master Inventor/Watson AI Lecturer, AI Forbes Contributor, Teacher / Professor / Lecturer - UC Irvine - Mr. Sahota lived and worked in Ningbo China where he partnered with Chinese CEOs to create the Leadership Development Program.    His work experience spans multiple industries including legal services, healthcare, life sciences, retail, travel and transportation, energy and utilities, automotive, telecommunications, media/communication, and government. Moreover, Neil was one of the few people selected for IBM's Corporate Service Corps leadership program.

Dr. Digvijay (Sunny) Singh, PhD,  Investor / Co-founder


 Successful exits from UCLA-Health Initiated Medical Device Company.  Former President Pirus, former Director for Radobotics, former Medical Device Engineer for GI Logic, Inc., - Investor/Director Engineer (AI-based Cancer Detecting).  Master of Science, Engineering Grade 4.0/4.0, Doctor Of Philosophy, UCLA, Embedded Engineer, Lockheed Martin, President of CMIT Solutions.  Over a decade of experience in investment, research, and business services for both ubiquitous enterprises like Intel (where his work lead to multiple publications on AI-based energy systems), Qualcomm (where he received an innovation fellowship) and Lockheed Martin (where some of his systems were used on F-16s). 

Pradeesh Thomas, Investor / Co-founder


 Serves as the Chief Executive Officer for AGES Learning Solutions with over 100 Autism Therapists.  Pardeesh brings 15+ years of experience in creating and leading educational and healthcare companies in Special Education and the Autism field. Founder and CEO of AlphaVista Services Inc., a California based special education company. Pradeesh led AlphaVista for nine years and built a company, which includes of 200+ clinicians, serving 50+ school districts in California and supporting 10,000+ students.  

Pradeesh Thomas is also the founder of a special education technology startup SmartEdTech that Brainotion's Edubot will be incorporating into our robots. 

co-founding support team

Dr. Javad, Hashtroudian, DCH, Data Scientist / Developer


 Dr. Javad has a Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy from American Institute of Hypnotherapy.  He is also a certified Neuruo Liquistic Practioner.  American B.S.c. in chemistry under Nobel Prize winner Sir Derrick Barton.  Dr.  is a an avid student of Jungian psychology and brings insights about the Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious in his seminars.  M.Sc. in biochemistry under NObel Prize winner Sir Ernst B.    

Chad Barker, Strategy / Partnership Support


Former Head of Strategic Partnerships, Google Health, Former SVP of Sharecare, former Strategic Partnerships Intel.  Chad focused his career sourcing, closing, and managing complex alliances, building partner programs/ecosystems, and designing/executing creative co-marketing programs. Through his time at GOOGLE, INTEL, and beyond, I've enjoyed building business relationships, both individually and organizationally, that spark value for all stakeholders.

Mark Shedd, MBA Electronic Sales/Marketing AI Technologist


  Former Director Qualcomm, Processor Expert - Real Networks and Microsoft Corporation.   Global entrepreneurial marketing leader with two decades experience deploying go-to-market strategies, launching new products and services, and achieving scale, while delivering measurable increases in market share and revenue growth. Real-world expertise in designing and implementing strategies to attract new customers with precision targeting. 


Michael G. Bennett, Chairman Of The Board, TALENI Healthcare Director – Innovation Center – MoMo, China Pharma Holding Inc. Chairman, Audit Committee - Board of Directors, Swiss Capital Group Pty, Ltd. (Sydney) Member Board Of Directors, Solbit Robotic Technology, Co. Hong Kong. Advisor/ Interim CFO  


 Paul Dixon, Children Toy Expert / Children's Book Publisher / Co-founder - Former Senior Buyer - Disney (7 Years) and Former Senior Buyer Target. Ted-X Speaker, Children's Book Publisher of Papa Lemon 3rd Grade Reading Level Series Books based on his Grandfather's real-life experience that helps 3rd -5th grade kids.  8 Books and 2 animated cartoons.  Children learn about good role models and leaders like Martin Luther King's passion for respect and equal rights for all people.  A new children's mental health and depression series will be developed for eMotionBot's educational series.  

David J. Schofield, Business/Sales Support - Grew Skylight Healthcare from $0 to $25M in annual revenues, with 25,000 hospital beds installed. Grew Wellness/Nutrition company from $60 million to $200 million in 3 1/2 years. Built a Technology Services company supporting the Restaurant Industry, growing to 2,000 locations.  Former CEO Rexall, former VP/GM Office Depot, PMBA/Pepperdine, San Diego University/BS/Accounting 

Mark McWilliams, Engineering/Operations Support- Successful exits from three Medical Device Companies with acquisitions by Beckman Coulter and Baxter Healthcare.   Founding member of San Diego TechCoast Angels.   Former CEO of Medipacs, enabling wearable injectable infusion medication pumps. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MSME, Control Systems, Northeastern University, BSME Field, Control Systems

clinical advisory board

  Dr. Joe Shurman, MD, Diplomate American Board of Anesthesiology, Diplomate American Academy of Pain Management  - Current Chairman of Pain Management at Scripps,  Founder of the Share the Risk model, serves on the Editorial Advisory Board and Viewpoint moderator of the Practical Pain Management Journal, voted by his peers “Top Pain Doctor” in 2007, 2010, 2013, serves as consultant for numerous organizations and considered a national expert on Pain Management trends

 Dr. Brenda Wiederhold, PhD, MBA, BCB, BCN -- President of The Virtual Reality Medical Center, Medical Staff at Scripps  - Licensed Clinical Psychologist with the California Board of Psychology and the Belgian Commission des Psychologues, doctorate is in Clinical Health Psychology, and Board Certified in both Biofeedback and Neurofeedback.  Recognized as an international leader in the treatment of stress-related disorders, burnout, pain and anxiety 

Neural Networks 

 Dr. Mark Wiederhold, MD, PHD, CPE, FACP, FACP - Currently CEO of The Virtual Reality Medical Center, which uses virtual reality exposure therapy (3-dimensional computer simulation) in combination with physiological monitoring and feedback to treat panic and anxiety disorders, Physician and Surgeon within the Medical Board of California, Diplomate with National Board of Medical Examiners, prior MD with Scripps 

Dr. Ben Bavarian, PhD, Advisor, COO of MedHealth2Go, Clinical Advisor  - Former VP of Motorola Biometrics and Security, considered by industry peers, “The Father of Finger print Biometrics,” lead projects with Visa and US Government, Former Professor at UCI, Published over 100 papers, in Intelligent Systems & Artificial Neural Networks  

investors, board and advisory board

 Dr. Rich Geruson, PhD, CEO of Lexmark International, Inc.,  - A $3.7 billion manufacturing and technology company with 12,000 employees and large healthcare division.  Mr. Geruson currently serves on the Board of Lexmark and other public and private companies, and former CEO of Voicesignal, first voice-responce in Iphone and Samsung Phones, sold to Nuance Voice.

 Grant Van Cleve, CEO of Buy It Installed, Inc.,  Current Chairman of TechCoast Angels, former President of TechCoast Angels. Mr. Van Cleve is involved with over 25 start-ups and sits on the board of many companies.  Mr. Van Cleve is also involved in real estate development in Eastern Europe and Clean Tech Projects in Africa and the Pacific Islands. division. 

Minda Wilson, PhD, CEO, Fluidity Health, UCLA World Health Advisory Board, -  Member of the Advisory Board at Pepperdine University School of Education, corporate attorney, specializing in healthcare.  As a recognized expert on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, she consults with clients regarding proper implementation.  In addition, she is a licensed Patent Attorney.  Named by the Los Angeles Business Journal as a 2014 Women Making a Difference Award nominee.years of leadership in delivering innovative technologies to healthcare.  

Christopher Pair, Former CEO Herbalife International of America, Inc  - A $5.0 billion healthnutrition consumer company with 8000 employees, Mr. Pair served in various management positions with U.S. Leasing, Raytheon Data Systems and Consolidated Foods. He serves as Vice Chairman of the Direct Selling Educational Foundation. s  

Strengths of Students with Learning Disabilities and Other D

 We can use assistive technology such as robots to leverage their strengths to help their weaknesses.

Assistive technology is any device that helps a person with a disability complete an everyday task. If you break your leg, a remote control for the TV can be assistive technology. If someone has poor eyesight, a pair of glasses or a magnifier is assistive technology.

Assistive technology includes many specialized devices as well, like typing telephones for people who are deaf and motorized wheelchairs for people who cannot walk. Assistive technology can be “low-tech” (something very simple and low-cost, like a pencil grip), or “high-tech” (something sophisticated, like a computer). Assistive technology can be critical for the person using it – if you wear glasses, think how hard it would be to get through the day without them!

The federal government recognized the importance of assistive technology for students when it revised the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) in 1997 and again in 2004. IDEA states that school districts must consider assistive technology for any child in special education. That means that for any child receiving special education services, the educational team must ask if there is a device that will “increase, maintain, or improve functional capabilities” of that child. If the answer is yes, the school district must provide certain services:

  • a qualified evaluator must complete an assistive technology evaluation;
  • if the evaluator recommends a device, it must be acquired;
  • and if you, your child or the staff in your child’s school need training to use the device, that training must be provided, too.